Month: July 2018

Shower Temperature Control

Our client is able to shower himself but had trouble setting the water temperature. Tadvic was asked to provide a means to help him achieve the same setting on the mixer tap.
We provided a simple clamp and pin to limit the maximum hot water mix. The setting can be adjusted if required (e.g. slightly warmer in winter) by rotating the clamp.

The solution in place
The clamp and pin

Laptop Stand for Wheelchair

Our client can only move her head. She uses an electric wheelchair with head controls and uses a laptop with a mouth stick. In her home, the laptop is mounted vertically on a “hospital” table at the same height as her head when in her wheelchair.
She wanted to participate in a Community Education Centre’s computer course, but the Centre only had desk top computers that she could not operate.

Tadvic created a stand for her wheelchair, that was compatible with the bracket used to hold the laptop, mouse and mouth stick on the table at her home. The stand can be easily fitted and removed from the wheelchair.

Laptop on the stand

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