Month: March 2020

Wheelchair Pommel

“Our client has a pommel that fits to a wheelchair. The existing bracket had the pommel sitting too high.”

So, Tadvic created a new bracket for the pommel using the same dimension steel.

New bracket (black) and original bracket (silver)

Tray for Walking Frame

Our client walks with the aid of a gutter frame. She asked for a tray on which she could carry her morning cup of tea and a bowl of porridge.

Essentially, a tray was needed that could be affixed to the two parallel steel tubes that ran lengthwise between the two “legs” of the walker. Depending on the surrounding space available to the client, the tray should be as wide as possible but able to be folded in half in order to reduce the space it occupied when the client was operating in a confined space. The tray should have two holes into which her mug and bowl would fit. These were positioned in the outer half of the tray so that they were available regardless of whether the tray was extended or folded back.

A notch was made in one hole to accept the handle of the mug.

The tray was made easily removable, by using 4 “tool clips” screwed to the underside of the rear section of the tray.


The Full Tray
The Folded Tray

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