A laser prompt for Parkinson’s

Tadvic operates across the Melbourne metropolitan region. At this stage we do not have volunteers in regional Victoria, but are seeking more volunteers.

Tadvic makes or modifies equipment to improve the quality of life of people living with a disability. We recognise the financial challenges faced by our clients and aim to meet their needs at minimal cost to them, governments or other organisations.  Our volunteers contribute their time for no cost.  We establish relationships with external suppliers who may supply materials at discount prices.
We may seek to recover out of pocket expenses (e.g. for materials used and volunteers’ travel costs) however the costs are kept to a minimum.

Our process:

  • Begins with a client, carer or support organisation contacting us by the Request Form (navigate to that page)
  • We will advise if we know of suitable commercial equipment.
  • Otherwise we will accept the request subject to our capacity and capabilities or refer you to another potential supplier.
  • If we accept the request, we will conduct an initial visit and then provide a (free) quote and a timeframe for manufacture.
  • If the quote is accepted we will proceed.
  • We will produce the equipment.
  • We will assist in the introduction of the equipment.

For simple low cost equipment we will deal directly with the client (and their carer).

For more complex equipment (including those involving NDIS funding), we will work with the organisation (our partner) that is already providing support to the client.  Our field volunteers will work with our partner’s therapist (if required) and the client to assess the need and design the equipment.  Our workshop volunteers will then build/modify the equipment.  The equipment we build will be delivered by our field staff in conjunction with our partner.

We will provide maintenance on equipment we provide.