Modified School Chair

Our client is a young girl with Cerebral Palsy. She is entering Grade 5 and requires a new chair for school on castors and with a lap belt. She also requires a low platform as her feet don’t touch the floor.

Our client wanted her chair to look like her peers (as much as possible). A chair was provided from the school, but they requested it be left intact.

The chair was mounted on 18mm plywood with corners rounded. Four 75mm castors (rear two locking) were mounted under the platform The top side of the platform was covered with carpet (glued), similar to that in the classroom.

Holes were drilled in the platform for the chair legs to penetrate.

The legs were bolted to steel tube, at a height that the legs were just above the floor. The tubes were bolted to the top side of the platform.

A 50mm wide webbing lap belt was fitted to the chair with metal webbing adjustment clips. 10cm lengths of hook / clip Velcro were stitched the free ends of the belt.

Ambulant Toilet Rail

Our client relies on a 45 degree rail in an ambulant toilet. Some toilets have a right angle rail.

Tadvic built a portable rail that adds a 45 degree rail to a right angle rail. This can be carried in the family car and used when required. The rail can be fitted to a left or right handed rail. It slips on and is held by 2 hand bolts.

The 45 degree Angle Rail Fitted to a Right Angle Rail
Detail of the connection

Toilet Steps

Our client is 2 years old and of short stature. Tadvic was asked to make some steps so he could use a standard toilet at home.

The Toilet Steps

Tadvic is 6

The current Tadvic was formed six years ago on 30thAugust 2016. In the past 6 years we have processed over 350 requests for assistive technology – helping clients throughout greater Melbourne and some throughout Victoria by remote consultation and delivery. We have also had requests from Queensland and Romania, where we shared designs. Projects in the last year included:
  • Various equipment for people of short stature
  • Various modifications to 4 wheel walkers and mobility scooters
  • Various modifications to seating and desks
  • Two Vision Impaired Table Tennis Tables
  • Modifications to equipment for lawn bowling and ten pin bowling
The role of Tadvic as a low cost quality provider of custom assistive technology is being understood and appreciated by a growing audience. Covid19 has restricted our activities in the last few years but like everyone we look forward normality.

Corner Chair

Our client had a corner chair she had outgrown.

A corner chair has a V-shaped backrest that provides support at the back and sides of the user, and is made specifically for users who cannot stabilize themselves against gravity. They sit at floor level.

Tadvic built 2 new (larger) corner chairs.

The Two New Corner Chairs

Hairdryer Holder

Our client uses a wheelchair for mobility and has limited upper limb function. She requested something that would hold her hairdryer above her head and allow her to move the hairdryer.

In addition she was about to go on a trip and wanted something portable. She already had a suction hand rail. We provided an “arm” that connected to the suction hand rail; held the hairdryer and could be rotated with a cord. The hairdryer can be switched on/off at the wall power point, which is reachable by the client.

The Hairdryer and Mount

The same client wanted something to help her press a toilet flush button (when she was travelling).

Tadvic suggested carrying a plastic bottle cap, but it would mean she pressed both buttons.

Tadvic’s suggestion

But the client came up with a better solution.

The Client’s Own Solution

Exercise Steps

Our client is a 9 year old child with Prader Willi Syndrome. She is difficult to motivate and requires some personalised play equipment to be built at home. She is too large for standard off the shelf children play equipment and has very delayed gross motor skills (eg. she can climb up stairs with hand rails on both side, but cannot climb up a ladder, rock climbing etc. as is the typical design for play equipment.

Tadvic built some custom steps.

The Steps

Floor to Standing Ladder

Tadvic built a mobile ladder to assist a young man (with the stature of a 10 year old) to move from floor level to standing. The rungs were made from 12mm steel tubing to suit the clients hands and spaced 150mm apart. Wheels were fixed to one end of the “feet” so that the ladder can be tilted forward and rolled to a different location
The Ladder

Sliding Arm on Recliner

Our client is unable to transfer from her wheelchair to her electric recliner because the chair’s arm is in the way. Tadvic removed the chair’s arm and fitted a pair of parallel rails to the chair. We then fitted roller bearings on the arm so that it can run along the rails. Our client can now slide the arm out of the way to transfer and then slide it back into position. The full reclining motion of the chair is unchanged.
The Modified Recliner with Arm Retracted
The Recliner with Arm in Place

Tadvic Receives 250th Request for Assistance

After a lull due to Covid19, Tadvic is again fully operational. We have just received our 250th Request for Assistance. It is from one of our first 10 clients. In early 2017 he requested assistance to modify a platform he uses to groom his guide dog. Our late co-founder Geoff Hook completed the original project. Now, with advancement of other conditions, our client is requesting the addition of a powered lift to fold the ramp used with the platform. Thanks to all our volunteers, clients, referrers and friends in achieving this milestone.
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