Month: January 2021

Tadvic Receives 250th Request for Assistance

After a lull due to Covid19, Tadvic is again fully operational. We have just received our 250th Request for Assistance. It is from one of our first 10 clients. In early 2017 he requested assistance to modify a platform he uses to groom his guide dog. Our late co-founder Geoff Hook completed the original project. Now, with advancement of other conditions, our client is requesting the addition of a powered lift to fold the ramp used with the platform. Thanks to all our volunteers, clients, referrers and friends in achieving this milestone.

Thermomix Steamer Handle

Our client, Annabel, has limited use of her left hand. She cannot lift the steamer that sits on top of her Thermomix.

Tadvic made a simple aluminium handle that Annabel can slip under the steamer handles so that she can lift the steamer from the centre with just her right hand.

The Steamer and Handle (at rear)
Annabel lifting the steamer with the handle

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