Month: November 2019

Autism Fidget Box

Our client is an adult with autism. He is non-verbal but very mobile.

His Occupational Therapist requested an arrangement of devices for aural, mental and physical stimulation.

Tadvic created a box with two lids and an open area in the middle to fit a future activity device. Various devices were fitted to the left-hand lid. Adjustable bolt & nut arrangements were placed on both front face ends. A ratchet wheel and bike bell were fitted.

The entire unit sits on a portable piano stand or can be placed on a table top or on the floor. The apparatus provides stimulus for the client with regard to movement, dexterity, audio and feel.

The Fidgit Box
Reverse Side

SUV Steps

Our client is 6 years old and has Cerebral Palsy. She cannot get into her family’s SUV independently. She is growing too big to be lifted into the vehicle.

We considered options like a footplate fixed to the vehicle but multiple steps were required.

Instead we modified a folding multi-step.  The legs were made extendable, so the steps could be used against a curb (as shown) or extended in situations like a car park. The top step goes across the car door sill and is retained against the inside.

The steps in place

The steps fold flat for storage in the vehicle with the wheelchair.

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