Month: August 2018

Grab Handle for SUV

Our client had a stroke impacting one side and he uses a grab handle that fits in his car door frame to move in and out. He just replaced his car with an SUV and found the handle is too far from the ground.

Grab Handle pre modification

Our volunteer quickly modified the grab handle so that it is the required height.

Grab Handle Post Modification

Our client said “I am very happy with my new Grab Handle and appreciate the work the volunteer did for me and how prompt he was”.

Wheelchair Access to Cubby

Our client is 11 years old and she enjoys playing in a large cubby house with her younger sister. Her wheelchair fits through the cubby porch but unfortunately not the cubby door and she has grown too big for her Mum to carry her through the door.

The problem

Tadvic narrowed the windows to the side and widened the door so the wheelchair now fits through the door.

The original door
The widened door with smaller windows

Meal Tray for 4 Wheel Walker

A Tadvic volunteer broke his hip in a cycling accident. Another volunteer added a meals tray to a 4 wheel walker so the injured volunteer could move his meal from the bench to the table without assistance. The tray lifts off the walker and can be placed on a table.

Soon after his recovery, a neighbour of a Tadvic volunteer had a hip replaced. The walker / trolley was again put to good use.

Then an elderly relative of a volunteer had a fall and needed a 4 wheel walker. She also wanted to be able to move a meal while using a walker. Again the modified walker has been used.

The removable tray on the walker

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