Tadvic is a not-for-profit, volunteer based association established for the purposes of designing, making and modifying equipment for people with a disability whose needs cannot be met commercially. This includes:

  • Design and construction of equipment that is not commercially available within Victoria;
  • Modification of commercially available equipment to suit clients’ special needs.
  • Referral to other organisations able to assist when we cannot.

Tadvic was incorporated in the state of Victoria (Australia) in 2016.

If you haven’t already, we recommend you check the National Equipment Database (visit https://askned.com.au/catalog/ ) as it is a free service designed to provide you with impartial, unbiased information about commercially available Assistive Technology and equipment options across Australia.

Please note:

This is our main site https://tadvic.com.au

You can Phone or Email us (see below)

Or you can visit our backup site tadvic.au (note omit “.com” )