Our volunteers give their time freely and are reimbursed for out of pocket expenses such as materials, travel, telephone calls etc.
Volunteer opportunities are outlined below.

1. Technical Volunteers
Technical volunteers use their own workshop (or a workshop they have access to) and tools to make or modify equipment for people with disabilities when there is no commercial option available. The volunteer makes/modifies the equipment in their own time, but we do expect completion in an agreed timeframe. We seek volunteers with either professional or competent handyman skills- typically in wood, metal, plastic or textile working. We also seek volunteers with electronics or software development skills. Projects will be assigned in line with the volunteer’s capabilities and availability.

2. Field volunteers
Field volunteers attend an appointment with the client at the place where the equipment is to be used. Field volunteers will either visit in pairs or if we are working with a partner organisation they will pair the client’s Occupational Therapist / Physiotherapist / Case manager etc, and together they identify a solution that will be practical, safe and appropriate to the client’s needs.
The Field volunteer will then work with the Technical volunteer to design the equipment. When completed by the Technical volunteer, the Field volunteer will deliver the equipment.
We seek Field volunteers who have good interpersonal skills and are willing to work with people with all types of disabilities. They must also be innovative to conceive a design that meets the need and can be built at a reasonable cost and in an acceptable timeframe.
While it is possible and desirable to be both a Technical and Field volunteer, we recognise some volunteers prefer a making role without travel while others prefer working with the client.

3. Administrative and Management Roles for Volunteers
Roles are limited in administration; however we can utilise skills in customer service, general office work and  various computer software packages.
Tadvic operates under a Management Committee who act as trustees for the members of the association and are responsible for the governance of the association. The Management Committee is elected by the members and is primarily comprised of technical, field and administrative volunteers and representatives of our clients. From time to time we may seek a specialist (e.g. finance, legal) member to join the committee, but will encourage them to participate in the other activities.

4. Selection Process
If you are interested in volunteering with Tadvic, please contact us. We will provide you with a Volunteer Application form . Tadvic will assess your application and you will be contacted and advised if you have been selected for an interview or if your application was unsuccessful.
4.1. National Police Records Check
Following the interview, if found suitable for a role a National Police Records Check is required. The required form is online at www.police.vic.gov.au
Tadvic will confirm you wish to volunteer and pay for the check. You will need to disclose the check results to Tadvic if you are to become a volunteer.
4.2. Working with Children Check (WWCC)
Field volunteers are required to apply for a Working with Children Check. You will be asked to do this once the interview has taken place and you are found suitable for the role. These checks are administered by the Department of Justice and Regulation Victoria. You apply on line at www.workingwithchildren.vic.gov.au . You will then need to go to a Post Office where your photo will be taken free of charge.
*When completing the WWCC application the code for the role type is 40.
4.3 Induction
New volunteers are required to participate in a half day Induction Training course and will be initially mentored by experienced volunteers.

If you are interested in volunteering with us please Phone or Email us (see details below)