Month: December 2017

Folding Transfer Board

Our client is partially quadriplegic and uses a board for transfers. He also travels a lot and wanted a board that would fit in his day back pack.

Tadvic turned his PQuip plastic transfer board into a folding board.

Folded Board in Backpack
The underside of the unfolded board

As the client has little ability to grasp, thumb holes were added for him to move the board.

Stand for Exercise Machine

Tadvic was approached by a therapist on behalf of a client with MS. The therapist had obtained a donated Reformer exercise machine for the client. However the machine was low to the floor and the client could not get down to it or up from it.

Within two weeks of being contacted, Tadvic built, delivered and installed a stand to raise the machine to seat height.

Raised Exercise Machine

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