Wheelchair connected to a stroller

Collectively our volunteers have extensive experience across a wide range of materials including wood, metal, plastics and textiles. We also have experience in microprocessors and software. Our volunteers have previously made the following examples:

Daily living

  • Custom baby equipment for parents in wheelchairs (change tables, baby bath tables, high chairs etc)
  • Toileting and Bathing aids (e.g. customising shower chairs)
  • Custom tap handles
  • Custom slider (transfer) boards
  • Postural supports in lounge chairs and recliners
  • Protection of a stove from damage by a family member with an intellectual disability


  • Attaching a pram to a wheelchair
  • Attaching a tag-along buggy to a child’s wheelchair so two children can be moved at once
  • Attaching toddler carriers (for bicycles) to electric scooters and electric wheelchairs
  • Attaching a trailer to an electric scooter to carry companion dogs
  • Custom changes to walking frames and wheelchairs
  • A simple device for a driver to close the car door with their left hand


  • Display case fitted to a wheelchair for a “Big Issue” vendor
  • Custom gas lift arm fitted to a bed to hold a computer
  • Custom rake and shovel for a zoo worker

(in some cases there are now commercially available products)

  • Laser line fitted to a 4 wheel walker as a walking prompt for a Parkinson’s sufferer
  • Autism Tracker (GPS/mobile phone for wanderers)
  • Mouth held pointer for an iPad
  • Custom clamps to hold an iPad on a wheelchair
  • Microprocessor controlled device to light a cigarette for an adult with Cerebral Palsy

Sport and recreation

  • Waterski modifications for a world champion disabled water skier
  • Modifications to bicycles – both outdoor 2 and 3 wheelers and exercise bikes (customised seats, pedals, supports, handlebars, brakes, clips to carry forearm crutches etc)
  • Modifications to beach wheelchairs and carts
  • Hand cycle attachment for a wheelchair
  • Safe play spaces
  • Fishing rod holders and one handed operation
  • Camera mounts on wheelchairs


  • Slides for school chairs (to avoid lifting them)
  • Custom workspace for a wheelchair

We welcome new challenges – but are not permitted to modify some equipment including some aspects of: motor vehicles, 240v powered devices, lifting devices and medical devices.