Tadvic has recently completed two projects to carry young children.

The first project was to modify a 4 wheel mobility scooter for our client who has a traumatic brain injury. She has been nursing her 3 year old toddler on her knee while driving the scooter, but as the child grows that is impractical. Our client was not keen on a rear carrier or trailer where her child was out of her view. A side by side seat would have created a very wide scooter, so Tadvic created a side-on carrier. The carrier fitted under the existing rain cover on the scooter.

Side carrier on mobility scooter

In the second project, the mother has a 3 year old son with cerebral palsy who has a special needs stroller. Another child is on the way and the mother needs a way to move her two children. She already had a baby stroller. Tadvic created a means to attach the baby stroller behind the special needs stroller and to push both.

Tandem carriers

The attached stroller has rear swivel wheels and brakes.