Our client is a young girl with Cerebral Palsy. She is entering Grade 5 and requires a new chair for school on castors and with a lap belt. She also requires a low platform as her feet don’t touch the floor.

Our client wanted her chair to look like her peers (as much as possible). A chair was provided from the school, but they requested it be left intact.

The chair was mounted on 18mm plywood with corners rounded. Four 75mm castors (rear two locking) were mounted under the platform The top side of the platform was covered with carpet (glued), similar to that in the classroom.

Holes were drilled in the platform for the chair legs to penetrate.

The legs were bolted to steel tube, at a height that the legs were just above the floor. The tubes were bolted to the top side of the platform.

A 50mm wide webbing lap belt was fitted to the chair with metal webbing adjustment clips. 10cm lengths of hook / clip Velcro were stitched the free ends of the belt.