Our client has MS and is very immobile. He lives in Nursing Home. His NDIS Support Co-ordinator gathered the equipment and partially setup a Google Home environment to control:

  1. his smart TV via a Logitech Harmony hub (turn on, turn off, change channel etc)
  2. a lamp via a smart switch (turn on, turn off).
    using voice commands.

A simple change to the WiFi network by the Nursing Home disrupted what was achieved, so the Co-ordinator asked Tadvic to help.

He also asked if voice control could:

  1. activate the nurse call button
  2. make internet based calls by voice on a tablet.

Tadvic got the TV and lamp controls working again and provided documentation.

We then used a commercial Google Home compatible switch and some simple electronics to provide a voice activated nurse call. It works in parallel with the existing manual button (i.e. either can be used), noting that Google Home is not always as reliable as a purpose built and dedicated manual switch.

We investigated internet based calls – it is a feature Google Home supports in the USA and Canada (and soon the UK) but is not yet supported in Australia. Given it is likely to be available soon in Australia we felt it was not worth attempting to create a custom solution.

Google Home (and Apple Siri and Amazon Alexa etc) can all do the above and answer countless questions like “What’s the weather”.

This is a rapidly advancing technology that has enormous potential for people with limited movement.

The Support Co-ordinator said “I can’t tell you how pleased I have been with the prompt response to my request for help. I believe that this emerging and ever changing technology space is perfect for use by many people with disabilities as is the case here. TADVIC and the volunteer have been amazing in the quick response and result achieved in an area that has few experts. Keep up the good work and Thank you.