Rory is 12 years old and blind. He plays Vision Impaired Table Tennis (“Swish”) at Kooyong and his family asked Tadvic to make a table for use at home.

Swish is played on a standard width (1.52m) table tennis table but the length is extended from to 2.74 to 3.66m.

A standard competition table tennis table was used as the starting point. This table comes in two separate rollaway sections for storage.

Standard Table

“Swish” has guide rails along the sides. Players use small bats and a plastic ball with holes and a rattle inside.

An additional half table top was purchased and cut to size to make the required table length and a rollaway steel frame was built to hold it and the “net” (which is a solid wall with a gap at the bottom).

The table width can be reduced to 1m for singles by inclusion of a rail on the table top.

Rory playing Singles on the modified table

Tadvic has since made 2 more tables for “Swish” Clubs around Melbourne. We have found Clubs play a lot harder than Rory did at the time, so the subsequent tables had to be built stronger.

We have also supplied details to a school in Queensland and to an organisation for the blind and visually impaired people in Romania. Please contact us if you would like detailed plans of our conversion process.