Occupational Therapists at a major Melbourne public hospital requested a bath that could be used to train patients in wheelchairs to transfer to and from a bath. (The hospital has showers, but no standard baths.)

The bath is not plumbed in (i.e. it is used for “dry runs”). It must meet hospital infection control standards. The bath unit could not have any exposed timber and all surfaces must be able to be wiped down with the hospital approved cleaning product which is bleach based.

A standalone bath was considered as a solution but they tend to have higher sides than clients would encounter at home. This approach was rejected.

The hospital bought the majority of required materials and Tadvic agreed to construct the bath support/surround. The bath sits on rubber tipped feet and can be moved if required. Training can be with a bath bench (as shown) or a bath board.

The training bath with a bath bench